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Residential and Commercial building contractor in Cebu.

Villahermosa Construction has years of experience in designing and building residential and commercial projects. Click here to view our portfolio. Contact us now and let us know about your requirements.

Residential Building Construction

Are you looking for a construction company to design and build your dream home?

Villahermosa Construction offers services from doing estimates, architectural design until the project is complete. Big Property Developers trusts Villahermosa Construction in building their projects.

Villahermosa Construction has in-house Architects to help you conceptualize your dream home and making it a reality.

Commercial Building Construction

Commercial Building Construction involves designing, building or renovation commercial infrastructures.

These projects can be small-scale and can be completed in shorter period. Examples of small-scale commercial construction are interior/exterior renovation, remodeling, office redesigns, building repairs and other projects that only needs few equipment and manpower.

Medium-Scale Commercial Construction involves designing and building few stories structure or a commercial complex from the ground up. These projects take around 6 months to a year to complete.

Large-Scale Commercial Constructions involves designing and building large structures like shopping malls, condominiums, hospitals, and other large structures. These projects can take years to complete.

Contact Villahermosa Construction now to discuss about your requirements.

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